Cast Your Spell
Cast Your Spell

Cast Your Spell

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Better Every Year Image

Better Every Year

Big Hugs Image

Big Hugs

Born At The Right Time Image

Born At The Right Time

Champagne! Image


Congrats Image


Congrats! Image


Everything is Cool Image

Everything is Cool

Eye Heart U Image

Eye Heart U

Face of Danger Image

Face of Danger

Fake it Make it Image

Fake it Make it

Feather & Leaf Image

Feather & Leaf

Feel Better Soon Image

Feel Better Soon

Forever & Ever Image

Forever & Ever

Good People Image

Good People

Grateful Image


Happy Beginnings Image

Happy Beginnings

HBD Handsome Image

HBD Handsome

HBD Happiness Image

HBD Happiness

HBD King Image

HBD King

HBD Queen Image

HBD Queen

HBD w Donkey Image

HBD w Donkey

Here Comes Success Image

Here Comes Success

How Did I Get So Lucky Image

How Did I Get So Lucky

How Did I Get So Lucky Image

How Did I Get So Lucky

I Can't Be There But I'm Here Image

I Can't Be There But I'm Here

I Miss You Image

I Miss You

I Think About You Image

I Think About You

I Will Wait Image

I Will Wait

I Wonder How You Are... Image

I Wonder How You Are...

I'm Here Image

I'm Here

Nailed It Image

Nailed It

Night Is For Lovers Image

Night Is For Lovers

Nothing Hurt Image

Nothing Hurt

Oh Baby! Image

Oh Baby!

Pretty Gold Flowers Image

Pretty Gold Flowers

Real Hope 4 The Future Image

Real Hope 4 The Future

Sending You Light Image

Sending You Light

Sending You Many Good Vibes Image

Sending You Many Good Vibes

So Glad You're My Mom Image

So Glad You're My Mom

So Happy To Know You Image

So Happy To Know You

Sorry Skunks Image

Sorry Skunks

Super High Fives Image

Super High Fives

Thank You - Cactus Image

Thank You - Cactus

Thank You - Floral Image

Thank You - Floral

Thank You - Rainbow Image

Thank You - Rainbow

Thank You For Being My Dad Image

Thank You For Being My Dad

Thanks Again & Again Image

Thanks Again & Again

Things Will Work Out Image

Things Will Work Out

Thinking of You Image

Thinking of You

To All That Has Been Image

To All That Has Been

Today! Image


Today! Image


Two Thumbs Way Up Image

Two Thumbs Way Up

Vive Le Feminisme Image

Vive Le Feminisme

We Are Your Village Image

We Are Your Village


What "I Love You" Feels Like (Braille)

Wishing You a Wild Birthday Image

Wishing You a Wild Birthday

With You Image

With You

Yes! Image


You Are My Sunshine Image

You Are My Sunshine

You Are Not Alone Image

You Are Not Alone

You Make the World Better Image

You Make the World Better

You Taught Me to Look Image

You Taught Me to Look

 Le Feu De L'eau PROFOUND ROSE Candle - Tuberose - Each candle is sculpted underwater with a high temperature wax. The color is hand mixed and the fragrances are custom blended into a soy candle filling.

The Lovers Nourishing Oil For Massage + After Bath - Allow the intoxicating + ethereal notes of Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Cedar, and Coriander to transport you to a place of deep surrender + bring you closely in touch with your heart's truest expression + deepest desire.

Meraki Nomad Smudge Stick + Rose Quartz - The Sacred Smudging Ritual & ceremonial practice has been used by different Native cultures around the world for decades. By using sacred plants from Mother Earth, smudging purifies the body, energy, and space of negative energies to awaken the soul and bring fresh spirit. Made of dry herbs of White Sage, Sweetgrass, Lavender, & Roses. 

  • White Sage - The ultimate healer - purifies the body, aura, energy, & space to awaken the soul, cleanse negative energies, & bring fresh spirit.
  • Sweetgrass - The essence of the feminine, the "Sacred Hair of Mother Earth" she brings in positivity after the negativity has been released, holding an energy of blessing in your space. Representing love, kindness, & honesty.
  • Lavender - Cleanses & creates a peaceful & harmonious atmosphere, calms the mind, and brings happiness.
  • Rose - Increases courage, attracts & enhances love.

Made with // Rosewater, Essential Oils Of Geranium and Fennel, Essences Of Spanish Broom, Elm, Larch, Crab Apple, Hornbeam, Turquoise, Pyrite, Quartz, and Amber, Spring Water + Distilled Spirits

A pocket-sized healing crystal inside a handmade pouch that is naturally dyed according to the color of the stone, to carry with you always. A card is attached explaining the healing properties.

    • Rose Quartz: “The Love Stone”

Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate Bars - Inspired by traditional chocolate making techniques, creating artisanal confections that are truly hand-crafted. Small batches with no emulsifiers or additives. Made in Santa Barbara, CA. Two 0.5 oz. bars are included. Below are details on each:

  • The beans for this bar were sourced from the Cedeño family farm, located in Santo Domingo which has been recognized as the heart of cocoa production in Ecuador due to its fertile soil and humid tropical climate. The Cedeño family is dedicated to the farm and learning all they can about cacao production to improve farm management and post-harvest techniques. Their continued hard work has paid off. The result is a beautiful cacao with lightly sweet floral notes upfront, followed by a rich and deep cocoa flavor, that finishes with notes of walnut and almond.

  • This bar features certified organic beans from Akesson's plantation in the Ambanja region of Madagascar. This bar is packed with fruity flavors and berries and citrus dominate the flavor profile, while an underlying cream and cocoa finish it off.

Greeting Card - Many lovely cards available for you to pick from. Made by: People I've Loved, Native Bear, Willowcrest Press, Heartell Press. 

Packaged in a Solid Pine Wood Box with slide lid made in the USA.